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Your Audience Is Near

Your audience wants to help you.

They are willing to give both time and treasure.

They will advocate for you, broadcast your cause, and rally around your mission. They will share your posts, make connections, create content, pour out sweat, buy products and respond to campaigns.

Your audience is your most valuable resource. They float your boat and help propel it forward.

Who are they?

You pause…

We can get stumped by the audience question.

We get trapped as we consider who our audience currently is versus who we want them to be. We scratch our heads and debate if it’s an individual or a group of persons. Demographics wash over our minds, and psychographics soon take over.

Who. Is. Your. Audience?

If there is an ounce of confusion around this question, may I make a suggestion…

Your audience is the human whose attention you have right now.

Your audience is the person on your website right now, the person engaging your app, the one scrolling your social feed, the voice on the phone, the one at an event, the human within your reach.

The answer to “who is your audience” is right in front of you. Literally.

This moment of engagement right now will build trust or could erode it. Honor this opportunity. Notice the individual in front of your brand, and any manifestation or experience it presents.

Your attention is needed. Now. Go check on them. Smile. Say “hi.” See what happens…

Dave Goldfain

Cereal Founder & CMO

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