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Comparison Kills Contentment

I would look over at my brothers’ scoops of ice cream to see if they got more than me, or check to see if they poured on more Hershey’s chocolate than I did. My conniving, youthful self, cared more about comparing than simply enjoying what was in my own dessert bowl.

Comparison as a kid was routine. Was my kite flying higher, my flashlight shining brighter, my snowball soaring farther? Was my gerbil cuter, my Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox cooler, my Stompers car faster? It was constant.

By the time high school came, it was about who had the nicer car, higher grades, or the best after-school job. I apparently hadn’t moved on from the allure of the comparison game.

Adults play the game too. We are surrounded by a culture that compares everything—job titles, promotions, houses, vehicles, health, pay, friends, vacations and level of happiness—the list is endless. There is nothing that robs us of our own personal contentment more than comparing ourselves to others.

Comparison kills contentment.

Comparison is like the plague. It’s contagious. It can creep in, infect and rot the joy out of anyone. And seemingly, the more privileged someone is, the greater the temptation is to compare.

We need an antidote. And one strong contender is a thankful spirit. This shifts our focus from what we don’t have to an appreciation of what we do.

Thanksgiving isn’t just a once-a-year holiday, but a mindset decision we can make that affects our entire lives. The next time our mind wanders into the comparison game, let’s flood it instead with appreciation and gratitude. The scoop of ice cream in our bowl is special on its own.
Dave Goldfain

Cereal Founder & CMO

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