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Grow Your Revenue

An organization is able to make a greater impact when revenue is trending in the right direction. A revenue strategy involves cultivating and inspiring an audience through campaigns, special appeals, services, products, and more. If your brand seeks to grow revenue, Cereal can help. From broader campaign initiatives to product launches, and focused appeals to a case for support, Cereal is here to assist with developing a strategy and tools that promote healthy and sustainable revenue so you can focus on your mission.

Healthy Revenue

Cereal can help your brand develop a revenue strategy and materials to support it. If your brand doesn’t have a healthy balance of recurring revenue and new audience growth, let’s chat.

How we help grow your revenue

Audience Strategy

In order to grow your brand, engaging the right audience is key. For each audience, it is essential to craft an intentional experience for them, with value-based content and strategically-orchestrated appeals. Cereal can help you shape a customized audience strategy, perfect for your brand.


Partnership development revolves around the audience you intend to reach and engage. By exploring your unique position and audience opportunities, Cereal can help find the right partnerships for growth, and fan the flames to ensure there’s strong value in return.

Channel Development

Channels of engagement for a nonprofit are those avenues in which audiences are able to participate in your mission or contribute to it. Cereal can help identify and develop untapped channels, or under-utilized channels, to reach new audiences and yield stronger impact for your organization.

Major Donors

Major donors are a unique part of an audience strategy for many nonprofits. From engagement planning and relational cultivation to special appeals or a high-end case for support, Cereal can help your organization develop the right plan and tools to facilitate impact.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing may be a specific type of partner development that’s right for your nonprofit. If you’d like to explore this strategy, we can help your organization create a plan and appeal to the corporate social responsibility initiatives of relevant for-profit brands.


Campaigns can be an effective tool for getting an audience to respond to your mission. With creative and compelling messaging, a thematic effort will help raise awareness, build equity around the need, and generate movement for an audience to make a difference.

Featured Example

The video game industry has seen a surge in cause integrations, from independent streamers to events, and even in-game activation. When Habitat for Humanity International engaged Cereal to help grow revenue, the prospect of a gaming partnership quickly rose during strategic exploration. Glu Mobile, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts and developer of Design Home, was a perfect fit — and when Cereal pitched the opportunity and initiated a meeting of the minds, a new partnership quickly formed. Design Home embraced the value of bringing Habitat into their gaming experience, and launched a multi-phased matching donation campaign to help benefit those who need safe and secure shelter.


Cereal worked alongside Habitat to deliver:

  • An exploration of new partners in the gaming industry based on revenue goals, brand strategy, and audience alignment
  • Presentation development for prospective gaming partners
  • Pitch presentations, partner cultivation and introductions
  • Campaign and concept ideation for activation and mutual partner benefit
  • Ongoing support through campaign launch and building long-term relations


There are more than 1 million daily active users of the Design Home game, who are exposed to the Habitat for Humanity in-game challenges. Within days of the first in-game challenge, gamers donated over $56,000 to Habitat, and that amount will be matched with a corporate donation from Glu Mobile. And that’s just phase one.

Video Reel

Video content is a significant element of developing a brand. From targeted campaigns to individual stories, we are passionate about creating and producing the right video content to inspire your audience.


Cereal has been a true strategic partner. The team helped us develop a new revenue stream by building a story-based approach for a totally new audience. They also created pitch materials and outreach lists to help us achieve our goals.

— Habitat for Humanity International

Cereal not only thinks outside the box — they leave no stone unturned to identify the best ideas, strategies, and channels to position nonprofit organizations in this highly competitive marketplace. I’m glad they poured their talent into our mission to fight hunger, poverty and suffering.”

— Convoy of Hope

Let’s grow your revenue

We love to help brands grow their revenue. Whether you are a seasoned global entity or a startup, let’s have a conversation around your unique revenue challenges.