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Grow Your Brand

A brand is an organism, not just an organization. It lives at the intersection of purpose and people. And when appropriate strategy and sustenance are provided, a brand grows. Growing a brand should align your team to broaden impact, enhance value, strengthen engagement, and increase brand potential.

Healthy Growth

Healthy brand growth requires organizing your team internally. Appropriate positioning, audience strategy, and an assortment of brand tools can be helpful for aligning a team and ensuring they’re operating from the same page.

How we help grow your brand

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is like a roadmap for your entity. It addresses positioning, and helps define how your unique offering meets an audience need like no one else. It articulates your special sauce, and includes an exercise that shapes your brand personality, and often informs your DNA and tagline development.

Audience Strategy

In order to grow your brand, engaging the right audience is key. For each audience, it is essential to craft an intentional experience for them, with value-based content and strategically-orchestrated appeals. Cereal can help you shape a customized audience strategy, perfect for your brand.

Donor Engagement

Developing a plan for donor engagement considers the overall experience donors have with your brand. It focuses on the appeal strategy, as well as donor acquisition and retention. From specific asks and tactics to reporting, transparency, and personalized thank you messages, we can help you craft a smart, effective, donor-driven plan that boosts loyalty and combats attrition.

Internal Alignment

It is so easy for teams to operate in silos, especially for global organizations. When growing a brand, it is critical that all functions are aligned on priorities, with reasoning behind them, and that they are equipped with the right tools to effectively and consistently activate their facet of the brand.


Campaigns can be an effective tool for getting an audience to respond to something. With creative and compelling messaging, a thematic effort will help raise awareness, build equity around the need, and generate movement for an audience to make a difference.

Content Strategy

A content strategy is a plan for building inspiration in an audience. A well-constructed plan considers the context of the audience, appropriate timing, the right tactics for delivery, and the actual content to deliver. Cereal helps develop content strategies and the content itself.

Featured Example

Operation Mobilization is a global nonprofit in 120 countries. With a wide breadth of services spanning over six decades, the opportunity for aligning the teams was becoming more apparent. In order to hit the next level of growth, unity around the OM mission, tone, and content was needed. Cereal was able to come alongside OM and facilitate valuable brand positioning exercises, working with their teams to develop and deliver global brand guidelines through an online portal for any content or messaging.


Cereal worked alongside global OM teams to deliver:

  • Brand positioning exercise with personality development
  • Three global campaigns and toolkit for localized adaptation
  • Audience narratives as personified audience segments
  • A global tool for aligning special initiatives
  • Complete style guide with messaging and tactical application
  • Website that features all brand tools and scales for new languages


A foundation for the OM brand through unified positioning, global tone, campaign messaging, and a scalable online tool with all assets. As said by OM’s global marketing leader, “I have never experienced an agency team so deeply committed to our mission. Honestly, they’re a part of the family.”

Video Reel

Video content is a significant element of developing a brand. From targeted campaigns to individual stories, we are passionate about creating and producing the right video content to inspire your audience.


The expertise, energy and deep partnership we have with Cereal makes them our go-to agency for our work across 120 countries.

— Operation Mobilization

“Through targeted listening sessions and brand immersion, Cereal jumped in quickly and effortlessly to help us in our fundraising efforts.”

— Habitat for Humanity International

Let’s grow your brand

Whether your brand is a start-up or has served global audiences for decades, we will meet you where you are, and would love to have a conversation around growing your brand.