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Grow Your Audience

You may want to deepen the level of engagement you already have with an audience, or you may want to expand or mature the community that supports your cause. We help with both. By understanding your current position and your vision, we can work with you to develop a strategy that will both strengthen and broaden your audience base. They’re the ones who enable your mission, so let’s pour inspiration into them.

Know Thy Audience

It’s the most basic premise of marketing, yet the most critical. Every strategic initiative begins with understanding — not just defining — your audience. Cereal can help you understand your audience and engage them with relevance and influence.

How we help grow your audience

Audience Strategy

In order to grow your brand, engaging the right audience is key. For each audience, it is essential to craft an intentional experience for them, with value-based content and strategically-orchestrated appeals. Cereal can help you shape a customized audience strategy, perfect for your brand.


Partnership development revolves around the audience you intend to reach and engage. By exploring your unique position and audience opportunities, Cereal can help find the right partnerships for growth, and fan the flames to ensure there’s strong value in return.

Channel Development

Channels of engagement for a nonprofit are those avenues in which audiences are able to participate in your mission or contribute to it. Cereal can help identify and develop untapped channels, or under-utilized channels, to reach new audiences and yield stronger impact for your organization.

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing may be a specific type of partner development that’s right for your nonprofit. If you’d like to explore this strategy, we can help your organization create a plan and appeal to the corporate social responsibility initiatives of relevant for-profit brands.


Campaigns can be an effective tool for getting an audience to respond to your mission. With creative and compelling messaging, a thematic effort will help raise awareness, build equity around the need, and generate movement for an audience to make a difference.

Content Strategy

A content strategy is a plan for building inspiration in an audience. A well-constructed plan considers the context of the audience, appropriate timing, the right tactics for delivery, and the actual content to deliver. Cereal helps develop content strategies and the content itself.

Featured Example

One month before Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle, Cereal introduced Convoy of Hope to Homestead-Miami Speedway. It was a partnership that aligned two great organizations, as Convoy of Hope sought to engage a new audience to make an even stronger impact for those in need. The Hurricane made landfall in early October, and as NASCAR’s final race took place on November 18, Convoy of Hope was there to encourage race fans to help their neighbors. The NASCAR community responded, embracing Convoy of Hope to help make a difference for those affected.


Cereal worked alongside Convoy of Hope to:

  • Explore a new audience strategy that would help make a stronger impact for those in need
  • Develop a NASCAR partnership strategy that aligned with the Convoy of Hope brand, and educate the internal team
  • Leverage the Cereal network to arrange appropriate NASCAR meetings
  • Introduce Convoy of Hope to Homestead-Miami Speedway and support partnership development
  • Assist with how Convoy of Hope engaged race fans at the final NASCAR race of the year, at Homestead-Miami Speedway, ultimately benefiting the Florida community recently devastated by Hurricane Michael


Convoy of Hope was able to activate race fans at Homestead-Miami Speedway, generating hope and help for those affected by Hurricane Michael. That year, Joey Logano won the race, and soon a new partnership was formed between his foundation and Convoy of Hope.

Video Reel

Video content is a significant element of developing a brand. From targeted campaigns to individual stories, we are passionate about creating and producing the right video content to inspire your audience.


Cereal not only thinks outside the box — they leave no stone unturned to identify the best ideas, strategies, and channels to position nonprofit organizations in this highly competitive marketplace.

— Convoy of Hope

Cereal helped us launch our gaming fundraising efforts… it is new territory for our cause marketing team, and Cereal helped us achieve our goals.

— Habitat for Humanity International

Let’s grow your audience

We love to help brands grow their audience. Whether you are a seasoned global entity or a startup, let’s have a conversation around your unique audience challenges.